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When Can You Claim Your Home Insurance?

Claiming your home insurance will mean that something unsavory has happened, and as a result, you lost your property or home. Whether it be from fire, burglary, or storms, this period of time can be very uncertain and scary, even if you have been paying your monthly premiums. You should not forget that even minor events such as red wine spilling on your white sofa or a smashed window can trigger accidental damage to your policy.

Claiming on Your Home Insurance

In most instances, digging out your insurance documents will be the first step. It is important to get in touch with your insurance company, whether you are in Sarasota, Naples or St. Petersburg, FL, and inform them what happened. However, if it is because of theft, then the first step will be to call the police. The police will take forensics and later issue you with a crime reference number which you will then issue to your insurance company.

Insurance companies such as TBIG Insurance, Inc. require this detail before proceeding to ensure you are awarded compensation for your loss.

What evidence will I need to claim?

For standard and small claims, you will be required to fill out the required form (which most insurance companies such as TBIG Insurance, Inc. give in their website) and return it within the required number of days.

You will also need to carry along receipts for each of your belonging to act as proof of purchase. If you cannot retrace your receipts, then consider looking for the debit or credit card statements which can prove that you bought this equipment in question.

It is important to provide these documents whenever you want to claim your home insurance. However, these documents may not be available. In such instances, you need to ask your bank to send you the relevant statement for the month you purchased these commodities. Pictures or images of those belongings may be accepted. Generally, the more documents you have, the quicker and smoother your claim will be. Reach out to our agents at TBIG Insurance, Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL to learn more about your home insurance policy.