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Does a Homeowner’s Policy Cover Earth Movement?

Homeowner’s policies are often referred to as all-risk insurance policies, but they don’t always cover any and all risks to your home. Most commonly excluded perils include earth movement or earthquakes. We don’t get many earthquakes here in St. Petersburg, FL as they do in California, but we do incur earth movements at times.

What are Earth Movement Exclusions?

The earth movement exclusions in most homeowner’s insurance policies are sinking, shifting, rising, and the contraction or expansion of earth under and around your home. Any of these exclusions can also be combined with water or by themselves. Excluded movements can cause substantial damages to your home in many ways. However, TBIG Insurance, Inc. can help to cover your losses in this manner.

  • Sinking is when the ground under your home settles. This can be caused by erosion of the ground from excess water, or it can merely be due to poor compaction of the ground when your home was built.
  • Rising is when the soil under your home heaves, bulges, or rises. These items cause massive damages to your foundation and the house in time. Too much water in the soil can cause these damages.
  • Shifting is when the soil is moving laterally under your home.
  • Expanding is about the same thing as rising, but this is listed as a separate exclusion.
  • Contracting is similar to sinking earth, but it is a broadened exclusion leaving no room for potential coverage due to earth movement.

Many homeowners in St. Petersburg, FL believe earth movement is covered by their homeowner’s insurance policy. We at TBIG Insurance, Inc. know that it can be stressful when securing insurance on your home. We understand that you want to be fully covered to protect your investment and we can help you to get the coverage you need. You can call us or come by the office to talk to a knowledgeable agent about your homeowner’s policy.