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Old Home Wiring and Modern Appliances – Bad Combo

With St. Petersburg, FL real estate markets picking up again, a problem that popped up a lot in the 2000s was the purchasing of old homes with old electrical grids inside. While they worked fine to keep the lights on and run the washing machine, older wiring was never installed with the anticipation of all the electronics and appliances we enjoy today. No surprise, older home wiring can overload very quickly when one big surge pushes the home’s load over its limit. Normally, the circuit breakers on the home electrical hookup are supposed to pop and cut the flow, signaling to the owner to reduce the load. However, what seems to be happening more and more is that the load is so heavy, it can start fires or burnouts in the actual socket in the walls. Most burn out quickly due to being surrounded by non-flammable material. However, the damage can still be extensive enough to have to open the wall and rewire, which probably also identifies a lot more that needs replacing at the same time.

A typical St. Petersburg, FL homeowner’s insurance policy includes the structural aspects of the home in the policy. That includes the plumbing and wiring as they represent basic components of a functional home. However, if the homeowner has made big modifications, added big power loads, plugged in unreasonable multi-sockets and similar, a claim based on an old wiring system could be limited. If you’re not going to go through the work of rewiring the home with new, higher capacity wiring harnesses, then a homeowner should make sure to know the language of his policy for electrical load damage. The folks at TBIG Insurance, Inc. can help. They can examine an existing policy or make suggestions for better ones without any obligation, and the advice can be extremely helpful if a big problem is avoided before it happens. Call TBIG Insurance, Inc. today to make an appointment!