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How to Keep Auto Insurance From Lapsing

There’s nothing better than being able to lay your head down at night knowing you are protected with adequate insurance coverage. Whether it be insurance on your car or home, having it in place can prove to be of the utmost value when life throws a curve ball. Imagine buying a new car only to have someone run into it while it’s parked in the grocery parking lot. Imagine this person not having insurance. What would you do? With the right insurance coverage, you can rest assured knowing you will be okay. 

To keep insurance, though, you’ll need to make sure you don’t miss a payment. In fact, if you do, this could cause a lapse in coverage. There’s nothing worse than going to file an insurance claim only to find out that you missed a payment and you no longer have coverage. Fortunately, here at TBIG Insurance, Inc. serving the St. Petersburg, FL area, we understand the importance of making sure customers pay their insurance premiums on time and we’ve put together a few tips to help ensure you never miss a payment. Most importantly, to ensure you don’t experience a lapse in coverage. 

Use Your Cell Phone

Smartphones have greatly revolutionized our ability to remember things. These devices have become like personal assistants with superpowers. You can easily set a reminder on your phone to alert you a few days before your insurance payment is due each month. You can even set it two weeks in advance to ensure you have time to prepare your payment and submit it on time. 

Ask for a Reminder

Ask your insurance carrier to send you a paper reminder each month in the mail. A lot of agencies have gone paperless, so you can always ask for an email reminder too. 

Want to know more about making insurance payments on time? Contact TBIG Insurance, Inc. serving the St. Petersburg, FL area.