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Benefits of Flood Insurance

St. Petersburg, FL is a flood-prone area and property owners should consider purchasing flood insurance for financial protection whenever disaster strikes. It is advisable to buy flood insurance because most policies such as homeowner’s and renter’s don’t cover natural disasters such as floods. Here are some of the benefits of buying your flood insurance policy from TBIG Insurance, Inc.

Assured compensation

The effects of flooding in St. Petersburg, FL can be very devastating. Your flood insurance will provide you with compensation for all the covered losses. The amount of money you receive in compensation depends on what you include in your flood insurance policy. Moreover, it is possible to miss out on federal relief if the federal authorities fail to recognize certain flooding disasters as national disasters. But with your flood insurance policy, you can be assured of getting compensation for your losses.

No payback required

Flood victims are usually required to repay the relief they receive from the federal authorities as loans, in the event of disasters such as floods. The payback can leave you in financial strains.

Doesn’t use tax money

Authorities collect taxes for regional and federal development. When the collected funds are used to help out flooding victims, it ends up being a financial burden on taxpayers. The flood insurance compensation comes from flood insurance policyholders’ premiums and doesn’t involve taxpayers’ money.

Continuous policy

Once you purchase your flood insurance policy from TBIG Insurance, Inc., you don’t need to renew for recurrent disasters. We understand that handling compensation claims immediately after a disaster is a strenuous process. We have flood insurance specialists who can help you choose the right types of policies as you go about with the core aspects of your life and perhaps business commitments.

Visit our offices at TBIG Insurance, Inc., for more information about flood insurance policies. Our experienced flood insurance agents will guide you in every step of the way to ensure that you choose a coverage option that suits you and your budget.