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What’s In My Flood Insurance Policy?

The area surrounding St. Petersburg, FL lies in a zone known to flood frequently. While the majority of homeowner’s and renter’s policies don’t cover flood damage, residents can purchase flood insurance. What does flood insurance actually cover? A basic policy from TBIG Insurance, Inc. includes these benefits.

  • Your flood insurance policy pays to repair or replace water-damaged structures. That includes the foundation, electrical and plumbing systems, HVAC, built-in appliances, and installed flooring. 
  • The policy also covers personal belongings that are stored on the property. This could be your clothing, collectibles, and electronics. Furniture and moveable appliances are included in this coverage.

It is important to note that flood insurance policies do not cover the land on which your home sits. It also won’t pay for damage to your

  • Vehicles
  • Landscaping
  • Farm animals
  • Cash and other currencies
  • Precious metals
  • Important paperwork

If your home has a basement, your flood insurance will pay to restore the foundation, drywall, electrical, air and heating systems, and any staircases used to access the space. You may not, however, be compensated for commonly stored items like clothing, sports gear, and entertainment items. There are, however, policies available to protect these and all of your important assets. Contact a professional insurance agent to learn which policies you can use to keep your entire life safe from flooding. Every insurance contract varies.

Like all insurance policies, flood coverage has a payout limit. If you think your personal belongings and property need more protection, consider adding an umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio. The experts at TBIG Insurance, Inc. serves the insurance needs of residents in the St. Petersburg, FL area. Contact us for a personalized assessment of your coverage needs.