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Umbrella Insurance
What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a policy that covers more than what is usually limited by the traditional guarantee. It gives you extra liability coverage for property damage, lawsuits, libel, slander, injuries, false arrest, and many other worldwide incidents including mental anguish. Also, umbrella insurance covers your finances when you are subjected to any lawsuit payout and can cater for fees and costs of a Florida attorney.

What is the Benefit of Umbrella Insurance?

It has limitations on policy coverage, and you can relax peacefully knowing everything is handled. You see that arming yourself with different regular insurance policies is essential, but they are limited and will not provide complete protection for your assets. It is human nature to hope that you will be lucky and not need more than what the policy covers, but accidents do happen, and only TBIG Insurance, Inc. umbrella insurance helps you out.

What makes Umbrella Insurance Unique?

Umbrella insurance changes the way you view insurance policies. It breaks the chains put in place by most Florida companies on home, car, boat, health, and many other insurance policies. Your condo or car gets extra protection, which guarantees you security in case of an accident. Whether you are bothered by limits of various strategies or not, umbrella insurance is the way to go. It also includes items that your regular policy will not cover.

Why Need Umbrella insurance in St. Petersburg, FL?

Umbrella insurance comes handy during stressful situations. A good example is when you are sued, and family's assets are included because maybe something happened in your home. The costs of the attorney will not make things easier. Another scenario is getting involved in a road accident, and the lawsuit costs are more than the liability coverage as defined by your policy.

Contact TBIG Insurance, Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL for more details on an umbrella insurance policy. Our agents can work with you to provide extended limits on your policies and get you started with an umbrella policy.