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Motorcycle Insurance

The beautiful beaches on the gulf coast of Florida are easy to cruise with a bike, but you never know when an accident or incident will occur. Insurance coverage in Florida is essential for every motorcycle owner. A rider needs to have a personal insurance policy for protection in case of an accident. A motorcycle insurance coverage comes handy in case of a crash, vandalism, or if you are caught in a storm that may cause extensive damage to your bike.

At TBIG Insurance, Inc. in St. Petersburg, FL, we provide a wide range of coverage options for various bike models. They include scooters, touring bikes, custom bikes, mopeds, classic motorcycles, and trikes. While motorcycle coverage is not compulsory when registering your bike, you need to show proof of insurance if your bike is involved in an accident with a vehicle. Lack of proper coverage for property damages may result in dire consequences.

  • Loss of registration and license of your motorcycle
  • A requirement to compensate the affected parties
  • Facing civil court proceedings and possible conviction
  • At least three years of SR22 high-risk compulsory coverage for you to be allowed to keep the license

In St. Petersburg, FL, riders can choose the coverage that suits their situation. Even though, you do not need all the coverage offered by TBIG Insurance, Inc., having insurance will protect your finances. Here are the essential policies that a rider needs before he or she hits the road:

  • Bodily injury coverage- This is used to pay for medicals bills of passengers or other drivers if you get into an accident involving another bike or vehicle.
  • Property damage coverage- This coverage takes care of damages caused to another vehicle or property by your bike.
  • Medical payments coverage- Medical payment caters for all medical expenses that you or a passenger on your bike may need.
  • Uninsured motorist- If you get into an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance coverage to pay for all damages and injuries which occur, this insurance policy protects you and covers the finances.
  • Comprehensive coverage- This coverage protects a motorcycle against damages that may occur other than getting into an accident. They include theft, vandalism, fire, and many others.
  • Towing coverage- It comes handy in case of a breakdown or an accident in which your motorcycle needs to be towed.

No one can predict when disaster will strike on the road or at home. Understand the coverage before buying. Contact TBIG Insurance, Inc., and we will give you sound advice and guide you through the insurance process. We will take care of you, your highly valued bike, and above all, your financial safety.