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Flood Insurance

Many areas of the United States, such as Florida, are prone to flooding. Not only do floods bring problems with the initial rise in water levels, but after the flood subsides the real damages are evident. Severe flooding can bring dirt, mud, and sediment into your home. Constant standing water can produce additional problems, and by having water and moisture within the walls of your home, this can provide a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

The Importance of Flood Insurance

Having flood insurance to help protect your home in the event of a flood can be a lifesaver. Often, typical home insurance policies will not cover damage that has occurred due to a flood, especially if you live in a known flood prone area. In fact, to purchase a home in some areas, flood insurance is mandatory to obtain a mortgage. Flood insurance will cover a multitude of damages including damage sustained to the foundation. Further, flood insurance will replace damaged appliances or HVAC systems. The coverage will also include damages to finished flooring or carpet. Most importantly though, flood insurance will help to cover the debris removal after the flood water has subsided. It is important to note that this type of insurance is limited and restricted to damages sustained to the basement level of your home.

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If you have questions about flood insurance and live in near St. Petersburg, FL, the experts at TBIG Insurance, Inc. can help. Proudly serving the Florida area, TBIG Insurance, Inc in St. Petersburg, FL will gladly help update your existing flood insurance policy or help you to obtain a new policy. Our agents are waiting to answer your questions and educate you on how to get started. You can never be too safe, and flood insurance can help protect you from natural disasters.