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Condo Insurance

The first thing you should think of after getting the keys to your new condominium is future protection. With TBIG Insurance, Inc.'s condo insurance policy, you do not have to worry about the future since we provide reliable protection to all condo owners in St. Petersburg, FL, and the entire Florida region.

Our condo insurance policy is quite comprehensive, and it offers extra coverage for everything in your home. We provide extensive coverage for your condo unit including the walls and floors. We keep our word and ensure that you live a stress-free life in Florida so that you can focus on how you are going to attain the other goals you have set in your life.

What Type of Protection Does Our Condo Insurance policy Offer?

TBIG Insurance, Inc's condo insurance policy typically helps protect your condo unit against some risks such as vandalism, fire, and even theft.

Our coverage for Florida residents focuses on three core areas:

Personal Property Coverage

We insure a wide range of your personal properties including, but not limited to, electronic appliances, books, and even clothes. We help you move forward in case of theft by ensuring that you replace all the personal property that you may have lost. Our condo insurance policy protects everything in your unit.

Building Property Protection

This is the primary focus of our condo insurance policy in Florida. Our policy provides coverage to the walls of your condo unit including the interior side. The interior offers extra protection to items such as built-in fixtures as well as bookcases.

Personal Liability

We also understand that other people may accidentally suffer injuries while visiting you and can lead to legal ramifications. Our personal liability policy protects you in a lawsuit and will help you cover your injured visitor’s medical bills.

Have you not yet insured your Condo unit? Do not hesitate to contact us in St. Petersburg, FL for comprehensive coverage.