Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a mandatory requirement in every state for anyone who wishes to drive. The purpose of auto insurance is to cater for car repair, pay the other driver's medical bill, and cover additional costs that may arise when you are at fault in a road accident. TBIG Insurance, Inc. offers an affordable and comprehensive auto insurance coverage for St. Petersburg, FL and the entire Florida region of drivers. Our policy runs for between six months and a year depending on your needs. TBIG Insurance, Inc.'s auto insurance policy covers four different kinds of coverage as outlined below:


Collision caters for damage to your car caused by a collision with another vehicle, object, or even as a result of rolling over. The policy will cover you when you are within the St. Petersburg, FL region and beyond. We shall reimburse you the costs of repairing your car even if you're the one at fault in the accident.


Our comprehensive coverage policy is specifically designed to cater for any losses as a result of theft or damage to your car. We shall reimburse you if the damage is a result of vandalism, animals, particular natural disaster, freak accidents, and much more.

Personal Injury Protection

This is meant to cater to the medical bills for treating injuries sustained by the driver and passengers when the car is involved in an accident. The personal injury policy will also cover any lost wages.

Property Damage Liability

Our property damage liability policy will pay for any damages you may cause to another person's property with your vehicle. This can be damage to someone's car or buildings, telephone poles, and lamp poles that you may hit in an accident.

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